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Archangel Companions

The Archangels 

 Each Archangel serves on a certain ray (aspect of God).   

 Michael the Archangel

Angel of protection. Blue ray. 

* Blue ray of power, protection, faith and The will of God.
 *Michael is the captain of all the angels and archangels. 
*  Provides physical and spiritual protection.  
    This includes protection from accidents, crime, psychic   
    aggression and even demons.
*  Michael Defends the children of God from the dark forces.
*  Michael helps to free people from negative facets of life.  

Jophiel the Archangel

Angel of illumination & wisdom. Yellow Ray 
*  Jophiel Brings down the wisdom of  God
* Our higher self is connected to the mind of God and Jophiel can help get in touch with this part of our ourselves. 
* Jophiel can free us from anything that blocks our oneness with our Higher Self; conditions such as self-doubt, fear, lack of self esteem and addictions of any kind including chocolate or nicotine.
*Jophiel  Brings joy, laughter and light
* Helps with studying, exams, and concentration & passing tests,
* Developing intuition, inner wisdom and insight

Chamuel the Archangel

Pink ray of divine love.” He who sees God”
* Chamuel helps you to resolve relationship problems,
* Find a job,
*  Locate a lost object
Chamuel represents compassion, communication, and love in all of its expression.
Call on Chamuel to help you with your divine mission
Chamuel will guide you toward your soulmate.
Helps to facilitate personal relationships so that you enjoy peace and harmony in every area of your life.

Chamuel Protects the world from fearful and lower energies.

Call upon Chamuel for comfort, protection, and intervention in world events. 

Gabriel the Archangel

* Gabriel will give guidance for the direction you need to take in your career or education. 
* Will help you keep on track by fighting discouragement, ridicule and helping with lack of money and resources.
 Gabriel helps you to balance your life and clean your karma.

Call upon Gabriel in times of despair for he will help you find hope

 Raphael the Archangel

* Serves on the green ray of divine healing.

Healing power of God, God heals

* Raphael is a  powerful healer & assists with all forms of healing
* Raphael helps you heal from physical, emotional & mental pain

* Ask Raphael for the healing of your body, mind, soul and spirit.

*  Patron of Travelers - to assure safe travel.
*Raphael is also helpful when you need to have your physical needs met such as food, clothing, shelter and tools of your trade.
* Ask Raphael to expose the truth and the lie
* Inspires new cures for diseases.
* Helps with reducing and eliminating addictions & cravings,

Uriel the Archangel

Purple Ray with Gold & ruby
   Archangel of Salvation

Serves on the ray of peace. Bringer of Peace

*Uriel is a  great help when you or your world are in trouble
* Uriel can bring inner peace, tranquility of spirit & renewal of hope
* Uriel helps by untangling the knots of anger & fear in your psyche
* Helps to bring peaceful resolution to your problems in personal, social & professional relationships
* Called upon Uriel for the ending of war, bringing of peace & promoting brotherhood & understanding.

* Uriel helps with earthquakes, floods, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, natural disaster & earth changes call on Uriel to avert such events or to heal and recover in their aftermath.

Call upon Uriel to establish peace and harmony 

Zadkiel the Archangel

Violet Flame Bringer of Joy

Serves on the violet ray of forgiveness.
* Zadkiel  bring us soul freedomjusticemercy, and forgiveness.

 Zadkiel is the bringer of joy by enabling us to forgive.

*This Ray is such a high frequency that it literally scrubs us clean on the etheric level of our being.
*Zadkiel Transmutes the bad karma (cleanses us from sin) and negative thoughts and feelings that tie up the energy that God gives us daily, and can weigh us down. It leaves us feeling joyful and light. 

  Zadkiel and his angels dissolve the painful memories, past traumas and negative traits that you hold on to. 


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