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Aura D’Amato, ACST, ACBT

Angels Guided Healing

Certified Reflexologist
Energy Healing Practitioner
Author & Public Speaker

Graduate of NJ Institute of Reflexology

Member American Reflexology Association
Member Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals

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Aura has had a loving dialogue and connection with angels for many years. Aura holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology and is a certified reflexologist and energy healing practitioner. Aura gives all honor and glory to God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the seven Archangels—Michael, Jophiel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, and Zadkiel—and their team of angels for the love, healing and power that goes forth. 

‚Äč“It is my desire to shine God’s light upon everyone I meet and to be a channel for God’s love to go forth for healing, joy, and peace in the world. My life is dedicated to following the Divine guidance that I receive, and to sharing angelic messages for all to know and experience the love and healing power of God, which is within each of us.”


Divine blessings and love to all,


Aura D’Amato

Ways to promote Healing

Reflexology is a non- invasive, effective, calming, and natural approach to healing.  It is a science based on the premise that there are reflex points in the feet and hands that correspond to every part of the body.  Working on those reflex areas tht realate to all the parts and systems of the body can promote healing to the body and mind.

Energy Healing is a powerful and effective non touch form of healing using our life force energy to facilitate the healing within the body.  It promotes a peaceful state of mind, helps to dissolve stress and tension, and corrects energetic imbalances that are underlying  causes of illness. As healing energy flows to all the organs and life systems of the body it empowers the body to heal itself.

Angels Guided Healing  - An important part of this healing process is the love and assistance that I receive from God's Angels.  In my work and in my private life,  I  call forth Angel assistance, love, protection and healing rays of light to support and facilitate mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing.   

These  forms of  natural and non invasive approaches to healing and well being can help to maintain and restore well-being and health for people of all ages.


Angels Guided Healing and Energy Healing sessions can be done in person or remotely over the phone. 



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