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Reviews of  Aura's  speaking engagement for the Holistic Exchange 1/10/12 

Rosemary Conte "Congrats! A terrific meeting of the Holistic Exchange this pm. Such a lot of of talent and skill in the room tonight, and an excellent speaker in Aura D'Amato. It's the place to be each month, so I hope even more practitioners will join us." Krista-Lynn Landolfi and Krista Lynn Eggering like this.

Monique Arcand "Thanks Aura - it was an enjoyable speech-informative and funny too !"

Patty Matlock "Thanks Nicole great meeting. Learned lots. Aura was awesome."

Coleen Markey " Thank you Aura D'Amato for sharing your wisdom, light, and love!"

Nicole Lerario " I just came home from The Holistic Exchange. I always feel so uplifted and positive and energized after these meetings! And I'm meeting such talented practitioners! Great Meeting - thank you all for being an active and enthusiastic part of it all. Thank you Aura D'Amato for your tips on tapping and other energetic and reflexology pointers! "

Jen McCarthy Hi everyone! what a wonderful meeting tonight at the RBHLC! I really enjoyed Aura's sharing and we all seem to be in such great company of healers and wellness providers. "
Krista Lynn Eggering  "Aura, LOVED your talk last night. So inspiring. I am tapping, smiling and flexing...:) Many blessings to you. Such a pleasure to meet you."


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The BirchTree Center for Healthcare Transformation

The Integrative Healing Arts Program


Date: September 22-25, 2011  Location: Mahwah, NJ  Session: Four

Introduction to Reflexology: Theory and Technique

Purpose and Goals: To provide participants with basic knowledge of Reflexology, its history, benefits, and techniques that may incorporate this modality into their integrated health practice.

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