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Comments from the participants in the Reflexology class taught by Aura at:

The BirchTree Center for Healthcare Transformation

The Integrative Healing Arts Program

Date: September 22-25, 2011

Location: Mahwah, NJ Session: Four

Introduction to Reflexology: Theory and Technique

Purpose and Goals: To provide participants with basic knowledge of Reflexology, its history, benefits, and techniques that may incorporate this modality into their integrated health practice.

* Awesome

* Thanks beyond mention

* This program was wonderful

* Very engaging speaker - thank you so much

* I loved this session and will take forward the light and energy. Thank you

* An amazing soul and presenter

* Aura was phenomenal! X2 * Having taken a full day reflexology course for health care professional once before, this particular course content and teacher was so far beyond that course I cannot begin to elaborate - phenomenal, informative - are only some adjectives I can use. Aura was beautiful in her presence and intention!

* What a pleasure!

* Excellent program! Love it and would highly recommend to others. Thanks!


Sent via email on 9/28/11 from a nurse in my reflexology class

Date: September 28, 2011 4:12:02 PM EDT


 Hi Aura,

  "I look forward to hearing from you soon regarding our Holistic Fair.  As per our conversation yesterday I have really been interested in reflexology, but trying to learn from a book is not easy.  You really showed us in Saturday’s reflexology portion of the Holistic Nursing Training how beneficial and easy these techniques are and hands on was definitely the way to go.  I told you the story about my daughter and I will share again so you can feel free to post on your website.  She had a cold for a few days and woke up in the middle of the night wheezing.  I was of course in a panic, being a nurse is almost worse when it comes to your own kids.  So I told myself relax you know all these wonderful techniques she will be fine.  I asked my angel and spirit guides for help and pictured a pink angel not sure if mine or my daughters sitting above her head.  My daughters favorite color is pink so hers probably.  I did some reflexology on her focusing on the respiratory areas. Several hours later she woke up happy, alert and wheezing was gone.  Still had a little cough, but nothing major. I also taught some finger exercises with the thumbs to friends in my yoga class because they were complaining about a stiff neck.  This is amazing stuff!  Can't wait to learn more. "    Jenn


Comment Sent via Email from a nurse in my reflexology class

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pastedGraphic_1.pdfThank you!


 Thank you so much for Saturday’s reflexology portion of the Holistic Nursing Training!  You add a beautiful spiritual dimension to the training.  I could sense your connection with angels brings you to a much higher vibrational level.  You also have a wonderful sense of humor.  We all benefited from the experience in many ways.  

 I feel I was meant to attend reflexology with you and that is why reflexology was cancelled for my session 4 in Mass.  I am very connected to angels as well, and call upon them a lot in my healing touch practice.  Again, thank you very much.  God uses you every day to move people to a place of healing.

 God Bless and Have A Great Day!


On Mar 12, 2012, at 6:38 PM, Beth Geltman wrote: about the Reflexology & Energy Healing Class

Dearest Aura,

It was such a wonderful day meeting you at the BirchTree session,last Saturday...I was sitting in the center of the circle and asked you abou"choking"..Maybe that would ring a bell...
Anyway, I so loved the class and you opened my eyes to all of the possibilities with reflexology. I have always loved being on the receiving end of reflexology, but I truly enjoyed gaining some knowledge on being the healer. I am a Neonatal ICU nurse and my scope of practice has been mainly in the NICU throughout
my career of 34 years. During the BirchTree course, two main areas really stood out for me. One being Ayurvedic medicine and the other reflexology.
At some point I would love to meet with you and discuss further
study I would need and how to go about it.....
Thank you so much for touching my life and hope to hear from you soon...I have been paying attention to the world since I got home yesterday and it's quite remarkable how a flyer for reflexology was stuffed in my windshield wipers at the shopping center today and an email that I received from a friend that referenced another moment at class....
Be well and take care,
With loving kindness and light,
Beth Geltman

Date: March 13, 2012 3:24:59 PM EDT

To: Aura D'Amato

Dearest Aura,

So wonderful to hear from you...How does it get better than this?
This day unfolded with all of the amazing moments in the universe and I was the observer and recipient of what the world beholds...
Of course , I don't even have to tell you about all of the people I "ran" into today, and all of the "coincidences" that occurred...Quite remarkable and reaffirming...
Of course you can post my comments of your website...I would be honored and humbled for you to do so......I am proud to have met you and thrilled to continue on this journey with you..I do feel the angels around me....and your words went right to  my heart and soul...I was blessed to be reminded today of all that I possess and what is possible..
I will stay in touch with you and know that great learning will take place....
With lovingkindess and light,

Sent via twitter on 8/2/11

 Nicole Papaioannou 
Thanks  for a wonderful healing session. I'm feeling better already :)


On Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 1:40 PM, geri grasso sent this review via email

Hi Aura
I want to share with you my experience. I can't begin to tell you how good I feel. First off I slept like a baby. The best I had ever slept in years. The ringing is lower but still there and I know in time there is a good possibilty it will heal, that would be a blessing, lived with that for 10 years.Today I especially feel calm and relaxed.  I plan on coming back to you for another session soon.  I contacted my friend via email and  forwarded her your information, she can benefit from this experience as well. I can't thank you enough. I know I will continue to get myself on track to good health.

11/29/ sent via email

Hi Aura!

Finally returned home from my vacation and I  wanted to drop you a note to say thanks so much for taking care of me and my mom up in NJ. I really did feel a physical difference after your treatment--I wish you were right around the corner from me! I also loved the foot butter you applied, it really does help with my circulation--my feet seem to warm instantly after application, it's just amazing. 

You were lovely to meet and I'm sure mom will be back to see you. I will be back too next time I head up north! Keep me posted about any spa or services news you have, any new products you've discovered, anything! Thanks again,
Tracy M


A Client Review


My session with Aura was a total rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit.  I felt complete relaxation and restoration of my inner spirit, which has been very stressed lately.  Aura's personality is full of kindness and compassion and talking to her is very uplifting and inspirational.  Her healing room sets the tone for pure tranquility.  My session included Reflexology with Energy Healing, which I highly recommend.  I look forward to my next session!


Reflexology Comments

Mar 20, 2011 ... @auradamato Hi Aura, keep up the wonderful healings you do with Reflexology it makes our world a better place. 
From jackamarriott ...

Certified Life Coach, Reflexology Coach, Holistic Business Builder, Online Reflexology trainer, Certified Reflexology Instructor, Reiki Master Teacher, Cubs Fan


 Mosaic Salon & Day Spa Facebook Comments



Posted on  Katerina 
5.0 star rating
"     I had such a wonderful time at Mosaic. I upgraded my foot reflexology to include Energy healing with Aura in Morganville. Awesome experience and I urge everyone to try this at least once!!! Can't wait for my next visit!

 Katerina 4/3/11
I had a Reflexology & Energy Healing session with Aura and I highly recommend it!!! I felt complete relaxation & a release of my stress. Donna

 Katerina 4/4/11
"Aura's personality if full of kindness & talking 2 her is very uplifting & inspirational. I am really looking forward 2 my next session!"
Tony DiLeva
I experienced an amazing reflexology and energy session with Aura. I highly recommend Aura for a life changing experience.
 Reviews Posted on Yelp
5.0 star rating

Tara S.

Red Bank, NJ


My review is regarding my experience with Aura D'Amato. If you had to choose one thing to do to improve your health, I would highly recommend a Reflexology & Energy session with Aura. If you want one word for her, I'd say "Amazing" or "Healing" or "Renewing". There is no real way to describe how special her treatments are. What I can say is my headaches are gone & for the first time in M O N T H S, I am falling to sleep easily. Just those two things alone are life changing for me, but there is so much more. I feel renewed when I leave Aura. When you have a session with her, you will understand that there is something very special about her. She is a lovely person to be around, very, very soothing. I can't explain it any better than to say she truly has a healing touch. I tell Aura all the time that she is a gift I give to myself. I go to Aura at the Mosaic location in Morganville. I think she does all of her sessions at that location. 

5/2/2011 Tara Sann 


Review posted on Yelp

Nancy A P.

Red Bank, NJ

5.0 star rating 

What else can I say WOW, what a wonderful experience. After my session with Aura D'Amato I was totally rejunevated, one of the best things you can do for yourself.
Nancy A P. Red Bank, NJ


Eve Pearl

Eve Pearl

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Eve Pearl

 Eve Pearl 
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Aura D'Amato and Eve Pearl
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 eve pearl aura d'amato reflexologist healing practioner

06-17-2011  |  By: EVE PEARL® Great Faces, Inc.  |  

Accomplished Reflexologist, Energy Healing Practioner and EVE PEARL
Enthusiast -- all accurate words that describe Aura D'Amato.  Aura is a valued
customer and loyal Eve Pearl supporter and we appreciate her enthusiasm for
the EVE PEARL brand. Aura's website overflows with positive energy and is filled
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