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Angel Communicator, Author, Certified Reflexologist, Energy Healing Practitioner

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An Angel Embrace of Love and Healing

You can create the life you dream of and were created to BE. 

In my work as a Certified Reflexologist and Energy Healing Practitioner,  I call upon Divine guidance and the asssistance of seven Archangels and their team of angels to assist and guide me, and to share their messages of love.

I invite the assistance of Angels for your healing, well being, joy, abundance and success. 

We walk this journey with our angel companions ever by our side.

The following is the list of seven Archangels 

 Michael the Archangel 

Jophiel the Archangel 

Chamuel the Archangel 

Gabriel the Archangel 

Raphael the Archangel 

Uriel the Archangel 

Zadkiel the Archangel  


Aura D’AmatoACST, ACBT 

Angel Guided Healing 
 Certified Reflexologist 
Energy Healing Practitioner 

Graduate of NJ Institute of Reflexology
Member American Reflexology Association
Member Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals  

Aura's phone # 732-224-8441

 To Book an Angels Guided Healing Session: 


1.  Schedule Date: To arrange for an Angels Guided Healing Session, please contact Aura at 732-224-8441 or by email at  


3. Payment:  Payment must be made at time of scheduling in order to reserve session time.  

Payment can be made via pay pal

4.  Complete Disclosure Form: This form is available on Aura's website.  Please email completed form to Aura prior to session  to 

Please Note:    Angels Guided Healing Sessions  are not to be construed as mental or physical health treatment.  

Email Questions:  If you have any questions, please feel free to email Aura at aura.damato 

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