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Welcome to Angels Guided Healing  

Angels Guided Healing is Divinely Centered Healing. 

 Many healing arts are based on the belief of energy medicine & divine healing.    

The ancient people first practiced energy medicine more than 5,000 years ago and believed that illness, physical ailments and pain could be relieved by resolving imbalances in your life force energy and within the body. 

As healing energy flows to all the organs and life systems of the body it helps to restore balance, can open blockages that may be underlying causes of illness,  promotes relaxation, reduces muscle tension, relieves stress and can stimulate changes to empower the body to heal itself. 

 Angels Guided Healing merges the power of your life force energy with the guidance of God's Angels through their rays of healing, love, insight, and protection to help to empower you to become all that you are created to be and to enjoy wellness in all areas of your life.

Each of us has a divine connection to God and to His healing love and wisdom. We are each given an angel or angels to walk with us and guide us on our journey.
Aura is an angel communicator who calls upon the intervention of seven Archangels to help promote healing in your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional being.

During an Angels Guided Healing Session messages of love and insight may occur as you relax in a flow of healing love.  

Each session is unique for the messages and healing energies that occur are divinely designed for each person.  

Angels Guided Healing Sessions can bring forth healing into any area of your life, which may include:

Your physical Health & Well Being
Your Mental, Emotional & Spiritual State
Your Personal & Professional Relationships
Your Finances & Career
Your Stress, Anxiety & Past Traumas

It is important to note that when healing takes place we give all the glory to God. 


Aura D’AmatoACST, ACBT  

Angels Guided Healing
Certified Reflexologist
Energy Healing Practitioner 
Author & Public Speaker

 Graduate of NJ Institute of Reflexology 

Member American Reflexology Association
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John: 14:12
"Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the WORKS that I do he will do also; and GREATER WORKS than these he will do, because I go to My Father

I am participating in a Healing Session with Aura D'Amato, Certified Reflexologist and Energy Healing Practitioner with the full understanding and agreement that I requested this session for my personal growth. This service is not to be construed as psychotherapy, mental or physical health treatment. 

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